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2023 was an interesting musical year for me, with a number of pretty rad concerts and festivals with discoveries which I thought worth to be shared here. Some are slightly out of my typical musical tastes, but like a good wine, they work in their own context.

First things first, the playlist, I’ve put short comments for each of the songs:

Top 2023 – Bruno
  1. Sun-El Musician: a good discovery from the Rocking the daisies festival in Cape Town, thanks to my friend Hagar, Sun-El gives very summery sunset vibes and works very well outside, with a glass of wine, near a body of water.
  2. Chilly Gonzales: saw him at Montreux festival, he’s really great on stage! Vibes of a great artist, musician, comedian, with personality. It’s only a shame that he had to leave the stage to Sofiane Pamart, one of the few concerts where I had to run out hands on my ears, nearly vomiting from listening to his overly sufficient tasteless crap.
  3. Nik West: a nice discovery from the “guitare en scรจne festival”, she keeps the funk alive, nice bass slicks and slaps!
  4. Bongeziwe Mabandla: young artist from Cape Town with a lot of talent, a gem yet to be cut to occupy larger stages, but really chill, warm vibes. I think he was my favourite Rock in the daisies performance.
  5. Gogo Penguin: still my favourite working concentration CD, I find Garden Dog Barbecue particularly well assembled, puts me on high concentration high fun state, over and over again.
  6. Tia: after a trip to Japan, I took a liking in fast-paced Japanese Jazz, going through random playlists, this is one of those I like.
  7. Bongeziwe again, because I can.
  8. Sarah Blake: navigating the small Cape Town jazzy scene, Sarah is a little gem who deserves more attention. She’s a very talented musician, playing with the heart and a great friend. I recently typed her name in spotify to find out she had a few songs uploaded, so here is one for you to enjoy her great voice and lovely style.
  9. Patrick Watson: I saw him live in London something like 15 years ago, I think with Reno as well, and remembered being mesmerized and entertain throughout the performance. Well in 2023, I really loved to see him on stage again, everything was just as I remembered, with even more great songs and vibes.
  10. Chilly again, because this one exemplifies his vibes very well.
  11. Rolling stones: one from their latest 2023 album. I don’t have much to comment, I haven’t taken the time to discover it all, but it’s not every year that the stones release a new album ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. PHfat: because Sylvain and Pierre like rappy vibes, here’s a Cape Town dude who had a good fame a few years ago and is making his way back to the stage and a new album in 2023. I thought you might like it. Sometimes you buy a bottle of wine you know your friends will enjoy.
  13. Pulp: rrraaaah, miaaaaaooowww, concert in Sheffield, woof woof, two nights in a row, with Reno. Back to the past-future-present and all, that was just pure good.
  14. Counting Crows: whaaat? I hear you saying… Well it happens that they were giving a concert out in Cape Town in April, when I was there, and with Sean and Hagar we were like… yeah! Nothing’s changed, really nothing, and that’s what we liked.
  15. Sting: I have to say it out loud, like many people I always liked Sting, but seeing him at Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, Guitare en scรจne festival, in front of a small public (5k pax), I took a good look at him and I was “hell I want to look like him when I reach his age… Hell I want to look like him now”. He’s like super fit, looks 25 years younger, plays hits after hits, has nothing to prove, shines the light on his band, doesn’t make a fuss, and it was excellent.
  16. Rodriguez: this one is a tribute, the parting of Sixto from this world in 2023. Good bye, and thank you!
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